Blob egg shaped house

It looks like the largest egg ever laid by a bird too large to exist, but inside the smooth, round and white exterior walls of this odd prefab lies an ultramodern luxury space that works as a mobile guest house, portable backyard office or comfortably enclosed secondary library space.

Blob House closed

Lined with storage niches, the modular wall slots accommodate travel gear, reading material or other items you feel comfortable having exposed to occupied interior area. Outside of the main volume, this egg-shaped home from DMVA also contains a bathroom and kitchen.

Blob House interior

A skylight provides natural daylight from above, supplemented by air and sun when the front hatch is opened and artificial under-shelf wall lighting on all sides. A less-than-obvious bed is tucked alongside the wall shelving, blending into the overall radial symmetry of the plan.

Blob House with hatch open
Blob House side angle

Close the flip-up side door and fold the front back down and you have a giant ovular form on the outside (that really does look ready to hatch) and a cozy, secure and solitary space within. Bumps aside, it might even be interesting to inhabit while in transit.

From the architects:

“The design dmvA made for the office of XfactorAgencies, as an extension to the house, was relentlessly rejected by local building regulations. Used to working with limitations and blurring these boundaries at the same time, dmvA responded by designing a mobile unit, a blob. As a mobile construction and holding a high dose of art, it skirted around the strict building codes. The builder AD&C worked 18 months on this project, resulting in this smooth looking egg.”

“Started by building a timber frame, covered it up with a stretching material and plastered with polyester. Shaped by sanding the polyester time and time again. Inside, the space was built up with niches, lighted by leds. The space in between the outer in inner shell was filled up with PUR insulation. This space-egg houses all necessary items one could possibly need; bathroom, kitchen, lighting, a bed and several niches to store your stuff. The nose can be opened automatically and functions as a kind of porch. You could easily use this mobile unit as an office, a guestroom, a reception, a garden-house, or whatever you want to.The material used is polyester, sizes are like a big caravan and it can be moved to any place you like.”