Garden Time Gardening App

Tending to a flower garden or a vegetable patch has been a popular hobby for hundreds of generations, but it’s time to take this pastime into the 21st century.

If you struggle with knowing when to sow, transplant, and harvest vegetables and herbs in your garden, this app will take the guesswork out. The popular seed purveyor’s app Garden Time has multiple functions to help you plant, maintain and harvest your garden. After you enter your zip code, the app personalizes information to your region, including planting timelines and alerts. Included in the app are localized weather reports, so you know you don’t have to water if a rainstorm is on the way, and other useful information such as the projected frost date for your area. Additionally, you have access to an encyclopedia of plants, and links to exclusive gardening videos from Burpee.

Once you’re in the app and you’ve entered your zip code, you create an account for your garden, or as many gardens as you choose, and select the plants you’re interested in growing. The ability to create multiple garden accounts is especially useful if you have multiple gardens on your property that you need to give separate attention to. For instance, a lettuce garden in one area and a potted herb garden in another. It’s also useful if you have gardens at multiple properties and/or different climates, or if you plant different vegetables year-to-year.

Local Weather Screen on Garden Time gardening app

Once you select plants you’re interested in growing for each garden profile, the app will provide you with general information on the varieties, as well as details according to your geographical region of when you can sow and harvest each plant. When you add vegetables to your garden profile, the app produces a timeline checklist for getting your garden going from seed to fruition. While many seasoned gardeners know where and how to source this information, the app takes the research aspect out of the planning, making a successful garden easier than ever to achieve. Like any worthwhile app, it will send you notifications well ahead of time so you don’t miss the window of time to transplant those carrot seedlings.

Your Garden Planner Screen, garden time gardening app

Not only is the Burpee Garden Time app a great garden planning tool, but it’s also a great personal resource for yourself of all your garden’s details. The app stores all the plants you select so you have a digital record of what you plant and when, so you can look back on it season after season. An additional notes section on the app provides you with a digital journal where you can leave details for yourself on things like seed numbers and the growth rate of your plants. Anything you want to remember about your garden, you can store as a note on the app.

Whether you’ve got a serious green thumb or you’ve just bought your first pair of gloves, this app will take your vegetable garden to the next level. Download it for free on Google Play or the Apple App Store.