slanted garden home slice

Just about any architect can design and build a huge, impressive structure. Size matters, after all, and with a lot of space a project can include tons of spectacular features. The real challenge, we think, is building something quite small but still exceptional.

interior slice

Slice is a tiny garden home in Slåttevik, Haugesund, Norway. The actual interior living space is just 15 square meters – enough space for a bed, mini kitchen, and small bathroom. A gigantic glass sliding door takes up an entire wall of the home, while smaller horizontal windows adorn the opposite wall.

saunders architecture slice

Because of the utterly miniature proportions of the home, Saunders Architecture employed a creative method to double the useful space: a patio that is an extension of the interior.

norway slice house

Stepping out of the door onto the patio, sloping walls appear to the left and to the front. The walls of the courtyard and living area all appear to be one piece, visually uniting the indoor and outdoor areas. Seen all together, the structure indeed lives up to its name: it looks just like a big slice of cake in the garden.

tiny house slice

Lovely old plum trees had already laid claim to the parcel of land, and the architects needed to work around their presence rather than remove them. Their solution: build the courtyard around the trees. They now grow up through the floorboards of the outdoor space.

garden house slice

This tactic not only makes for a delightful visual effect; it also serves a practical purpose. The trees provide shade on a sunny day, a partial shelter in case of bad weather, and even a place to hang a hammock for some luxurious relaxation time.