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Located in the heart of busy Stockholm, this penthouse is eye candy for bibliophiles and lovers of great design alike. It is perched at the top of an historic building and offers an artful refuge from the bustling streets below.

The home’s interior was designed by its owner, Swedish artist Carouschka Streijffert, and featured in the magazine Skönahem. Two sunken reading areas form the focal point of the luxurious space, although they have stiff competition from a stunning spiral staircase leading up to a luxurious second floor bathroom.

Make no mistake about it – this is not a kid-friendly, soft-cornered, baby-proofed home. This penthouse is all grown up, as evidenced by the open stairs and stunning open fireplace.

The abode is shaped like a “U” with one elongated side, allowing the resident to look into her own windows from an entirely different part of the home.

In addition to all of the fabulous features here, the abundance of natural light is one of the most compelling things about this penthouse home. Windows of all shapes and sizes adorn every wall, allowing sunlight to permeate the artist’s residence all day long.