Transforming an old house into something new takes many forms, but this project in São Paulo uses a decidedly unique method. Rather than redoing the exterior of the home entirely, Brazilian studio 20.87 used LEDs and translucent plastic panels to turn the old building into a kind of larger-than-life lamp.

The house, which is now used as a design gallery, is not long for this world. Plans were under way to demolish it and build a new structure within a year after the installation was put into place. As such, the LED installation has the feel of a kind of last hurrah.

Overall, the project is quite simple. LEDs were attached to the exterior of the home along the edges, eaves and windows. Corrugated plastic panels were then screwed to a wooden frame around the building.

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When it’s dark outside and the lights go on, the entire facade lights up with a kind of ethereal glow. The shape of the original house is still visible through the plastic panels, lending a sort of grounding reality to the otherwise-otherworldly sight.