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If you’ve ever envied the coziness of the grassy little hobbit houses depicted in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film series, you’re in luck: you can now order one of your own and have it manufactured, delivered and assembled within weeks. A Florida company called Green Magic Homes creates pre-fabricated shells designed to be covered with dirt and greenery for naturally insulated residences that blend into the landscape.
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A 100-square-meter house takes ten days to manufacture and three to six days to assemble on-site. Waterproof and exceptionally resistant to wind and earthquakes, these modular dwellings are made of long-lasting composite materials. When building into a hillside or leveling the site, you can use the excavated soil to cover the connected modules, but they can be used on flat land, too.
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If you choose native plants to cover your hobbit house, the finished home can be virtually maintenance-free, but you can also go the lush route using improved soils and watering systems to support all manner of landscaping. You can even plant moderately-sized trees with non-invasive roots in between the rounded modules, where they’ll have enough earth to grow.
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Optional elements include skylights and porthole-style rounded windows, and you can add more modules to increase the size of your home as needed. The company currently has distributors in the U.S., Canada, South America, Israel and Italy.