Every year, thousands of designers submit their best projects to the A’ Design Award Competition, which aims to honor the finest products in a wide range of categories. The 2019 award winners definitely didn’t disappoint, representing an incredible selection of innovative ideas that give us a peek at the things we might expect to see on store shelves over the next few years.

There are so many winners, though, you could easily spend hours upon hours sorting through them all — which is why we’ve chosen nine standout projects for your perusal.

Astron Shape Shifting Rug — Ingrid Kulper

“This rug is designed specifically for countries with warm summers, where a rug is only desired in the cold season like autumn and winter,” says designer Ingrid Kulper. Modular and bright, the Astron shape-shifting rug comes with a storage bench in which the individual panels can be stored when they’re not needed. You can also come up with your own designs according to how you arrange the pieces. This rug tile system won a Gold A’ Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design category.

Tangxing No.5 Residential House — Saiwen Liu

The use of sustainable, renewable bamboo as a primary architectural material doesn’t have to result in a rustic appearance, as proven by the Tangxing No.5 Residential House, a Platinum A’ Design Award winner in the Interior Space & Exhibition Design category. The designers of this project achieved a stunning and luxurious residence with circular windows, built-in lighting, skylights, room screens, and many more elements made of low-cost moso bamboo.

Bandage Sofa — Bogdanova Bureau

Most of us are looking for a soft, comfortable place to rest in a sofa, though that often necessitates moving a bunch of floppy cushions and pillows around. The designers of the Bandage Sofa present a modern and streamlined design with modular bandage-style components, so you can fix the cushions into your ideal position and snap them in place with elastic bands. You can even layer the cushions according to your personal preference, and they’ll stay exactly where you put them. This design won a Platinum A’ Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design category.

Exxeo Luxury Hybrid Piano — iMAN Maghsoudi

Winner of the Platinum A’ Design Award in the Luxury category, the Exxon Luxury Hybrid Piano features a unique shape embodying the three-dimensional fusion of sound waves. Fully customizable into a decorative art piece by the purchaser, the high-tech piano is made of carbon fiber, premium automotive leather, and aerospace-grade aluminum, featuring advanced soundboard speakers that effortlessly recreate the full range of a grand piano.

Click Light Interactive Lighting — Adi Azar and Yotam Shifroni

Why should lighting be limited to conventional bulbs? The Click Light Interactive Lighting project takes inspiration from the mechanism of the light switch so the creative process of designing the lighting arrangement shifts from designer to user. The ropes included in this kit can stretch, flow, drop, twist, and tie between the metal surfaces, which also double as shelves. The project won a Gold A’ Design Award in the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design category.

The Refinery091 Restaurant — Devesh Pratyay

Dynamic and dazzling, the interior of this oil-refinery-themed pub in Kolkata, India features industrial pipes stretching from the floor to the ceiling, arranged in irregular eye-catching patterns in front of a striking display wall of bottles. “The bar area is designed to feel as if the process starts with its bubblers and energy thus formed percolates through the drinks, food, music, and flows around the place in pure copper pipes,” explains the designer. This space won a Platinum A’ Design Award in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design category.

Barisieur Tea and Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock — Joshua Renouf

Who doesn’t love waking up to the small of freshly brewed coffee or tea? The Barisieur is inspired by a combination of the modern ritual of filter coffee and the iconic vinyl record player, “encouraging a nostalgic experience” for the user. It features a host of sensory-stimulating elements: the sounds of the coffee bubbling, the sight of the water moving through its transparent vessels, the smell of the coffee brewing, and the taste when it’s ready to drink. While it is a bit of a bulky item for the bedside, this Gold A’ Design Award winner in the Home Appliances Design category is quite a showstopper, so some people might be willing to make the space.

STetro Autonomous Staircase Cleaning — Manojkumar Devarassu

This autonomous vacuuming robot manages stairs with ease, presenting a solution to one of the major shortcomings of standard floor-cleaning robots. The STetro won the Bronze A’ Design Award for Engineering and Technical Design, with smart mapping software that uses on-board sensors to navigate both flat terrain and staircases. The vacuum is compact, easy to use, and features a clever split design allowing it to ascend and descend without assistance.

Printed EGG Small Pavilion — Michiel van der Kley

The largest community 3D-printed object to date, Project EGG consists of 4,760 individual 3D-printed “stones” created by hundreds of people from all around the world, each with their name etched into their respective contributions. When combined into the final structure, they show off the breathtaking organic shapes that are possible with this technology. The pavilion ended up snagging a Platinum Design Award in the 3D Printed Forms and Products category.