With the end of the COVID-19 pandemic not yet in plain view, the least we can do for ourselves this winter is turn our dwellings into the coziest, most tranquil retreats possible. We’ve all come across an Instagram picture of a snug Scandinavian cabin and longed to escape to its simple and inviting interiors, right? After all, the natural light, uncomplicated materials, muted colors, and lack of clutter are incredibly calming.

Scandi style is a carefully-curated aesthetic with a rich history. Fortunately, with the help of a few tasteful furniture picks, you can achieve that hygge feeling without having to go trucking through a snow-covered Norse mountainside. Here are some good starting points:

A Comfy but Unpretentious Couch

Scandinavian furniture is all about simplicity and clean lines. Sofas with wooden legs are lighter and airier. This one from Article embodies Nordic style in its quintessential light gray hue.

Wishbone Chair

Conceived by revolutionary Danish furniture maker Hans Wegner back in 1947, the wishbone chair features a stripped-down hardwood frame with that now-iconic wishbone-shaped center and a natural-fiber sisal seat. The chair is an expression of Wegner’s own design process of “purification and simplification.” This one from Interior Icons is available in ash, white, and black.

Tulip Table

This sleek dining table is classic in its minimalism, first created by Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen to mimic the shape of a single drop of a heavy liquid. That sense of fluidity is especially apparent in the base. Kept in neutral colors, like this table from Modholic, the Tulip table is sure to bring in the Scandi style you’re searching for.

Pendant Lighting

You can continue that curving movement with some pendant lighting. Whether in metals, plastics, or more organic materials like this one from Serena and Lily, there’s no denying the soothing and softening effect of that bell shape.

Egg Chair

Originally created in the 1950s by Danish designer Arne Jacbosen from the wire and plaster in his garage, this iconic piece immediately struck a chord with people around the world for its shell-shaped seat. This one from Frtiz Hansen is covered in a buttery, natural leather that looks perfect for sinking into with a hot cup of tea.

Modern Chandelier

A little extra mood lighting never hurts when you want to bring in the hygge. This sputnik-style chandelier sticks to straightforward lines but also brings in warmth and movement.

Minimalist Coffee Table

With Scandi style, the furniture all integrates unfussy lines and widen open space. This coffee table from byBespoek exemplifies those traits and ups the coziness factor with its raw wood tone.

Artek Stool

This sturdy and versatile stool is a staple of any traditional Nordic-style home. Invented by Finland native Alvar Aalto in the 1930s, the L-legged seat with its light wood and streamlined form can be used as a chair, a step ladder, or even a side table.

Natural Rug

Okay, this may not technically be a piece of furniture, but you really can’t have a cozy Scandi style cabin without a good, inviting rug to warm up the floors. This one from Boutique Rugs incorporates traditional geometric patterns in an ivory color.

While we may be confined to our own homes awhile longer, we can still transform them into intimate spaces that reflect a comfortable and hospitable Scandinavian vibe. All it takes is a few good furniture swaps!