Upcycling your unwanted waste is an awesome way to lead a sustainable lifestyle and unleash your creativity. Most of us have probably experienced a boozie weekend at some point, after which we’re left to deal with trash bags bursting with empty bottles. But what if we could turn some of that trash into something new, exciting, useful, and even beautiful?

Decorative Vases

There are a thousand ways to do these! Grab a couple of your favorite bottles (remembering that the more varied heights, widths, and colors, the better) and go completely crazy with them. Paint them opaque white and bedazzle them with rhinestones, stick pearls on them to create DIY centerpieces for weddings, or use craft glue to adorn them with pendants and charms for themed parties.

If you prefer something a little more subtle for everyday life, try using transparent bottles to hold “floating” photographs of loved ones, or simply print out some stickers or lettering to write out your favorite quotes on the bottles. Of course, these vases wouldn’t be complete without something blossoming out of them, right? Whether you want to fill it with water and grow some flowers of your own or simply decorate them with some fake foliage for a look that won’t flounder, bringing nature into your indoor world is sure to help your home thrive!

Drinking Glasses

This DIY hack involves getting your hands a little dirty. If you have the right tools for it, then cutting and sanding your tall bottles into glass tumblers can be an excellent way to save money on store-bought glassware. It also helps save your Saturday night pinot grigio bottles from landfill! It takes a little tech know-how to get the edges of the glass smooth enough to put your lips on, but once they’re ready for use, you’ll be able to wow your dinner party guests with your thrifty imagination.

Candle Holders

There are several ways to do this, but a common favorite is the classic “stick a tall candle in the top and melt it down the sides for a gothic effect” approach. This works particularly well with Kraken rum bottles due to their wider shape and unusual looking handles. Alternatively (and carefully), you can cut the bottles down to their labels and melt candles into the resulting cup-shaped glasses. These make quirky home additions and great presents for anyone who enjoys their alcoholic beverages! Gift your gin-loving aunt with a homemade candle made using a Bombay Sapphire bottle, or give your grandpa a Talisker whiskey candle.

Garden Wind Chimes

Bottles are a great for decorating your garden, as they don’t weather easily and keep their vibrant colors through wind, snow, rain, and sunshine. Drill a hole in the bottom of a wine bottle (or chop the end off completely), attach it to a homemade wooden wind chime, and surround it with hanging charms and beads to bring some sparkle and sound to your outdoor greenery!

Creative Bird Feeders

Bottle-based bird feeders are sure to allow all you DIY hackers out there to really get creative! Simply upturn a wine bottle and make an incision in its bottom (which is now at the top). Then fill it with bird seeds and let nature nibble at the rest!

Indoor Planters

This works especially well with green and blue tinted bottles. Slice each one in half vertically to create a “boat” shape, sand it so there are no rough edges, and then layer it with pebbles, stones, sand, soil, and even crystals to create your own little indoor planter. These are especially great decorations for coffee tables and display units.

Wine and Cheese Platters

Far-fetched yet fascinating, this creative way of repurposing your bottles sees them as legs on mini table stands, which you can bring out at parties to display yummy snacks on! A great way to present cheeses and dips, simply fix chopping board-style wooden palettes to the top of your bottles to create a sturdy foundation for all your culinary needs.