In the world of hospitality and travel accommodations, the competition is fierce. The 2019 edition of the Sleep & Eat design event highlighted some of the most impressive innovations in that sector, all of which are expected to be coming to a hotel near (or far from) you in the next few months. The show took place on November 19th and 20th at London’s Olympia London exhibition center, awing both visitors and industry leaders with interactive displays and notable keynote speakers. In particular, these pieces and guestroom sets stole our hearts:

Miaja Design Group’s

Camping Experience Illusion

It was extremely easy to feel like we had one too many cocktails in this lounge design filled with murmurs of a forest and an exotic floral aroma wafting all throughout. On top of that, the stools here were topped with wood and surrounded a faux fire displayed in a realistic-looking fire pit. The art on the walls rounded out the camping motif for a beautifully uniform effect.

twenty2degrees’ Double-Duty Guestroom/Party Suite

Sometimes you feel like resting, and other times only a party can make the night complete. All the conventional furnishings in this guestroom set can be hidden, even the custom bed, leaving lots of room for mingling and maybe even a little dancing. When the party’s over, it’ll only take a few minutes to pull out all the creature comforts you might need for a good night’s rest. And that line for the bathroom? It’s for the Negroni cocktails flowing from a handy tap hidden inside.

Megre Interiors’ Flower Power VIP Lounge

This year’s Sleep & Eat VIP Lounge was adorned in a bold floral fabric that inspired smiles and good vibes. Just to make sure everyone got the “love and communication” message, a fire pit with faux flames was also artfully incorporated into the room.

Hat Design’s Flexible Guestroom Installation

If you ever wished you could get all your wants and needs met without leaving your hotel room, you’re closer than ever to having that fantasy come true. This guestroom has just about everything you could imagine, including a wardrobe, storage area, vanity, shower, table with stools, TV, and even a private gym. When you’re ready to retire for the evening, just push it all behind a curtain and climb into a round bed you can easily move around as you please.

Maria Tibblin & Co.’s Double-Duty Divider

No matter who you’re sharing a room with, there usually comes a time when you both just need a little alone time. This bookcase does double-duty as a room divider that gives you just enough privacy without any feelings of isolation.

Wilson Associates’ Hub Lounge Lighting Fixtures

When business meetings and seminars start to wear on your soul, the gentle radiance of round “Eclipse” wall pendants softly illuminating soothing colors in your room will help calm you down. The coolest thing about these lights is the fact they’re painted the same exact hue as the wall, allowing them to “disappear” when they’re turned off.

Luis Eslava’s GRADIENT Room Dividers

Nothing ruins the ambiance of a large room like bulky room dividers. These lovely specimens made of small anodized aluminum links come in eight versions, lighting up whatever room they’re in as two pure colors play off their reflective surfaces.

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