vertebrae all in one bathroom

Clean but industrial, sleek but functional, contemporary but futuristic, the photos make it look like something you would expect to find on a space ship or station – but here it is, the “world’s first vertical bathroom” – complete with spinning showers and secret toilets – you can build right in your own home.

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Vertebrae all in one bathroom fixture details

The inspiration for this piece comes partly from functional modern architecture and in part from the nature of our own spinal system. A series of vertebrae are stacked on one another, each level rotating independently and serving a different need: toilet (with side compartments for plunger, brush and paper rolls), sink and basin (with built-in soap dispenser and standard hot/cold water handle), rubber-sealed storage spaces, and a cistern topped off by a pair of shower elements with pull-out shower heads.

vertebrae design photo

Its capacity to rotate is more than just a trick to entice luxury hotel and business owners to buy these for their accommodates or corporate offices – it is also a space-saving tactic for smaller personal apartment or condo bathrooms, since the stack of fixtures can be folded easily into a relatively tiny area in terms of square footage (as these plans illustrate).

Even if you are not completely comfortable to the factory feel of stainless steel in the morning, the ideas in this work are worth noting – a different material, though, in addition to the variant colors already offered by the manufacturers of Design Odyssey might be worth offering to those who would like to have one in their otherwise more homey house.

“We create product solutions via market research, lateral thinking, concepts, visuals, engineering, prototypes, testing and manufacturing.  These services are delivered internally or externally through our network of specialists. We have particular experience of designing bathroom products from concept through to manufacture. Our diversity can be seen in the Vertebrae® vertical bathroom.”