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Airline regulations have resulted in many annoying restrictions for folks who want to bring a little bit of everything along on their travels. Aside from other neat features, this design solves a key problem for such frequent flyers: you can keep up to six liquids in a single container, rather than having small bottles roll around separately inside a little plastic bag in order to fit fill limits.

Aside from that, however, the interlocking wheel shape provides extra protective pressure in order to keep each of the mini-containers closed tightly, avoiding the other classic issues of travel toiletries: leaking liquids that can spoil surrounding bags, cases and clothes.

And for those who want to have a (pie-shaped) slice of home in foreign showers: there is a central suction cup in the middle of the circle that lets you stick the wheel on a shower door or wall, accessing your soap, shampoo and conditioner without needing somewhere to hang a basket (or, for that matter: without having to carry along a basket at all). For a small object, this concept by Jin Chang-Soo?sure addresses a lot of persistent traditional travel product design problems.