They range from tropical to, well, impractical (or downright dangerous) but if you need some inspiration to think outside of a simple box bed solution, these may just give you some new directions and ideas for your own DIY projects.

How about a whole-room hammock, for you … and maybe a few friends? A great place to take a nap, but also a way to connect two spaces in terms of air circulation, light and visibility – of course, it cuts down somewhat on your potential floor space, but does create a kind of double-height space out of the area below.

Not all suspended sleepers have to be styled like hammocks, as these strange floating circular beds show – aside from a ceiling, you could even hang one tipi-style right in your own backyard (to at least loft you out of the way of small rodents).

If sleeping right out in the open is a bit too cool (or cold) for you, there is always the classic small-home or cabin solution of building in a sleeper shelf to let your bed make use of the natural heating generate by the central wood-burning fireplace – just make sure you don’t fall asleep too close to the flames, or it may get hotter than you want.