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We love shorts, but sometimes you have to cover up. If the mercury’s climbing and you’re trying to keep your cool, the Best Hot Weather Pants might be just the ticket.

Designed by Dish and Du/er–the team that brought you performance stretch denim and No Sweat fabric–the Best Hot Weather Pants are currently wowing backers on Kickstarter.

Why the wowing, you ask? Well, it may have because these are made to be true traveling pants. In fact, they have 16 features designed to make them the ultimate travel trousers.

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Dish and Du/er cofounder Gary Lenett worked in the jeans business for more than 25 years, including a stint at Levi Strauss, and he envisioned a new design to fuse function and style. In 2013 he partnered with his friend Abid Hafeez, a performance-fabric expert who’d supplied fabric to Under Armour and Puma, among others, and the rest is history.

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The foundation of the garment is Dish and Du/er’s proprietary fabric T2X.

“This natural fabric is made from four different fibers to create a high-stretch, ultra-lightweight solution engineered to keep you comfortable and cool,” say the textile whizzes at the company.

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“Cool and comfortable” translates to moisture-absorbing, so you don’t feel sweaty on hot treks, and bacteria-repellant, which means no unpleasant odors or…you know. Very handy when you’re traveling and not near laundry facilities.

T2X is breathable while you’re on the go, and it stretches and gives while remaining tough and durable. Sounds like a new best friend to us.

Okay, so that’s the fabric. Now, the special features.

Venting: The pants have zippered mesh vents on the sides that you can wear closed for a smooth look and open when you’re sightseeing and overheating.

Security pocket: If you can’t break the habit of carrying your wallet in your back pocket, don’t worry. These pants have a sneaky security-flap pocket to thwart the local pickpockets.

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D-ring: An unobtrusive D-ring is attached to a belt loop so you can hook on your compass, pocket knife or survival kit, if you’re a serious wanderer–or if you’re an urban traveler, your keys, bottle opener or whatever. (Hey, we’re not judging.)

Pockets: In addition to the security pockets, there’s a clever hidden credit card pocket and another secret place inside the mesh vents. The pockets are made from moisture-wicking fabric.

Stitching: The pants have reinforced stitching–we’re talking triple stitching–on the seams and the special gusset that gives extra mobility.

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The Best Hot Weather Pants come in both men’s and women’s fits, and several styles.

The Business Travel styles are the A/C pants, a traditional five-pocket pair with cooling vents that are available in slim or relaxed fit, and the Avion, a stylish yet comfortable pair of travel trousers.

Adventure Travel features the Adventure pants, modern cargo pants that have an adjustable ankle strap, and the Versatility jogger, which lets you plan for any eventuality with its mix of action-friendly comfort and style.

Leisure Travel’s offerings are the Excursion pants, which are lightweight and great for adventures on the road, and the Roam jogger, which has a more casual look, yet still boasts the security pockets for safe travel.

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