Erwan Boulloud

OK here’s a style warning – all that follows has the seriously (no cliche intended) WOW! factor. Erwan Boulloud is the French-based artist and wizard behind these surreal, lush and off-the-wall pieces of art – like his ‘Syngenisique’ 2016 closet/artwork, pictured above (open) and below (closed).  The deep red innards look like the tantalizing peak of a Louboutin sole. Shelves undulate, their organic curves just glorious and well, sexy.

Sometimes furniture and sculpture meet – and this time it’s tempting to miss the functionality completely. Though yes – your sight is not deceiving you, it’s a clothes cupboard – though not quite a wardrobe, as there’s no hanging space. Admittedly a high-end, luxe and glamorous closet that is the stuff of fairytale. This is less “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and more “Alice in Wonderland.” The open door looks like a discarded ballgown, the gold ‘shard’ at the top of the door looks like the pointer on a sun dial. It’s bewitching.

Erward Boulloud Fracture Cosmique table

Fracture cosmique detail

As if dropped from a great height, shattering the table beneath – Boulloud’s ‘Fracture Cosmique’ – or Cosmic Fracture –  has a rock in the middle. The natural rings of the tree trunk from which the table has been carved create dynamic movement, like the waves of a  thrashing sea or the expanding tremors of an earthquake.

Luxurious yet decadent, this is not just any old table – the sculpture tackles the notion of fate and inevitability, cosmic events beyond our control. It also looks amazing!  A fabulous focal point in any room.

Fracture Verticale

Seems that a cement block just fell on a chest of drawers. Whoops! Although, you can still open the drawers, and it looks kind of wonderful. Ah OK – it’s another Erwan Boulloud masterpiece – furniture meets disaster in a marriage made in Heaven – or should that be the other place?

AAA sculpture Boulloud

AA detail

Crash! The ‘weight’ of a metal safe has ‘crushed’ the set of drawers, which have been skilfully sculpted to ‘crumple’ on impact.