sofa cushion idea

Floor pillows are not an incredible innovation … and stacks of cushions do not represent any new and sublime style. So why does this combination cushion-couch and sofa-sleeper seem so neat and yet fit so comfortably with our ideal of a cozy sofa to curl up and take a nap in? It is somehow simple yet colorful and supremely inviting.

sofa cushion idea 2

The idea is almost too obvious – yet not obvious enough that we see these for sale at Ikea or making their way into hip urban neighborhoods. We already all have pillows, cushions and other modular and mobile padding we move around the home. This design just takes that concept and multiplies it into an entire sofa. Comprised of fifty individual soft and comfortable (white or colored) cushions, this flexible furniture object is also easily converted into much softer sleeping space than a futon.

sofa cushion idea 3

In a way, it almost looks like a stack of sandbags … oh wait, designer Christian Hoegner tried that too. Maybe not quite as cushioned as the couch equivalent, it nonetheless would make for a nice way to stay off the sand while sitting at the beach. Another cushion-inspired design: a pillow (nicknamed ‘dad’) made out of a button-down men’s shirt.