Stuck at home far more than usual, many people took on home improvement projects in 2020. Kitchens were expanded, outdoor spaces created, garages converted to home gyms, and spare bedrooms transformed into home offices and classrooms. Projects relegated to the back burner for too long suddenly became priorities, even if just to keep ourselves busy. And in 2021, our desire to spruce up our living spaces is only set to continue.

Lowe’s recently commissioned a study to explore how the connection between people and their homes changed last year, and to find out what Americans were most excited to tackle in the year ahead. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64 percent) said their home meant more to them than it did a year ago, and 84 percent said that they’d continue to spend more money on home improvement than they did before the pandemic.

Here are the top home improvement projects Lowe’s customers said they’re looking forward to in 2021. How do they match up with your plans?

Reorganize the Closet

Remember the KonMari craze of 2019? It kind of feels like a lifetime ago. Between the reshuffling of our homes to fit new functions and the closure of many Goodwill donation facilities in the midst of the pandemic, many of us have accumulated too many items that don’t “spark joy.” It’s time to throw open the doors of our darkened closets and face the mess inside. 64 percent of Lowe’s survey respondents plan to reorganize their closets this year, and indeed, it would do us all good to take a page from Marie Kondo’s book and minimize our stuff while storing it in a much more aesthetically pleasing manner.

Paint a Room

Over half (52 percent) of survey respondents plan to paint at least one room in their homes in the coming months. Popular choices include jewel tones, seafoam green, chalk white, and Pantone’s dual Colors of the Year, “Illuminating” yellow and “Ultimate Gray.”

Organize the Garage or Storage Area

51 percent of respondents say they’ll focus on organizing their garages or storage areas this year, making these spaces more streamlined and functional. Lowe’s has lots of suggestions for getting this done, including sorting and cleaning the contents, creating a storage plan, deciding on a shelving or bin system and finding a place for every last item.

Update Your Decor

53 percent of those surveyed are ready to tear out tired trends and freshen things up. If you’re on board and could use some ideas, check out our assessment of up-and-coming interior design trends and styles, including “Scandi Style,” “cottagecore,” statement walls, and “mermaid tiles.” And if you long to overhaul your decor on a shoestring budget, here are six ways to redecorate without spending a penny.

Plant Something

Spring will be here before we know it, and now is the time to make plans for new gardens and landscaping. 65 percent of Lowe’s consumers surveyed say they’re planning to “plant something” this year, whether it be in the form of fruit, vegetables and herbs, or ornamental greenery for a boost in curb appeal.