Your future is in the stars… No, really. We’ve found heavenly items for you, guaranteed to brighten up your days as well as your nights.
People have always been fascinated with the stars. Looking out into space can be both humbling and inspirational, as you remember that you are, in fact, a very small part of the puzzle.
Stars and their pinpricks of light also symbolize hope, blinking out at us from the darkness.
And of course the night sky is a thing of beauty, whether you look at it with the eyes of an astronomer, a child or a poet.
Here are five celestial items we’re sure you’ll love.

1. Magical Thinking Constellation Map Shower Curtain

How can you not love something with “magical thinking” in its name? Urban Outfitters sucked us in the with quirky moniker and held our attention with the swirling design on this star map shower curtain. As you lather up in the tub you can ponder the mysteries of the universe and learn the various constellations and their shapes. The circular design of the map is eye-catching, too.

2. Star Map Duvet Cover

Love to sleep under the stars? Well, now you can do that, without worrying about coyotes or bugs. The Star Map Duvet Cover by Parallelish at Society 6 is a hand-sewn lightweight comforter cover with the constellations boldly outlined and charted on one side and a soft white side in case you want to flip out.
And as a bonus, the same design is available from Society 6 as a throw blanket, wall tapestry, iPhone case, T-shirt, wall clock, shower curtain and more.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Constellations

Okay, we’ve shown you how to sleep under the stars in your celestial duvet cover. Now you can sleep under the stars and look up at them, too.
This ceiling star map from DeliciousDeals is made of individual constellation decals that you put together based on a map that you are sent. (Hopefully this will be a fun activity and not one that will make you shake your fist at the heavens.)
During the day, the vinyl decals look white, but at night they shine a vibrant green. Sweet dreams!

4. Versace Star Map Backpack

Warning: You may have to be a star to afford this cool carrier. But it can be yours, for just $1,628….
The black polyester backpack has an all-over star map print, handy two-way zips for easy access to your belongings, two zipped pockets, one outside and one concealed within the bag to protect your keys, wallet, whatever. Adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry, and there are sturdy top handles in case you need to quickly drop and lift it when you’re on a crowded train or bus.

5. Celestial Chart Stars Northern Hemisphere Constellations Print

This star chart print is based on a map in a 19th-century Spanish book, says Verónica Olivera Gómez, of TheCuratorsPrints. She changed the color from the vintage print, but kept the title and the names of the Zodiac in Spanish.
The star map is a professional digital print on heavyweight matte paper. The frame is not included, so you can choose your own to match the style and color of your room.