With the increasing ease of manufacturing strong, translucent and curved furniture from recycled synthetics, illuminated furniture has taken on a life beyond mere fad as people find the useful duality of having durable and double-use objects.

Vondom is one company tackling this typology from multiple angles, with sets like the above series of simple chairs, coffee tables, ottomans and flower pots.

They also have more unique forms made from the same materials, such as the above lounger that can balance on both flat and grassy or sandy surfaces.

Their patio furniture gets larger and lighter, too, with items like this light-up barroom table – a cool centerpiece for garden gatherings, cocktail parties or rooftop terraces.

Plust boasts particular softness without sacrificing modern style – cushy armchairs and spongy sofas with some give (and which also give off a nice atmospheric glow).

Solpuri starts with the same translucent-white base as other items in these collections, but layers on a separate adjustable shade and some removable liners and cushions for a more comfortable daybed experience in the sun or shade.