So it’s July 4th again, and we’re all dusting off our grills, searching for that bag of charcoal we swear is in the garage somewhere, or scurrying off to find a store that’s still open to refill the propane tank.

Whether you’re a barbecue newbie or a grillmaster pro, there’s something about cooking outside that draws us–perhaps it’s a desire for independence, or a throwback to the way our ancestors charred the meat they’d just hunted down and killed. Maybe it’s the way fire pulls us together as a hungry community.

Regardless, grilling is recognized as a national pastime throughout the U.S., and in the spirit of all things BBQ, we’ve scouted out five grills that would do your backyard proud.

1. Grillo by FormAxiom

the grillo

Wired alerted us to Italian design company FormAxiom’s Grillo, which is super-portable for grilling on the go. Just fold it up like an umbrella to stow it, and setup’s a breeze, too. Throw it in the back of your car for a road trip, or sling it over your shoulder for a hike or day at the beach. Just remember to leave plenty of time for it to cool off before you have to head home…

2. The Kara by Cesarré

Kara grill

The Kara grill by French company Cesarré (via Stupid Dope) is as stylish as it is functional. There’s no doubt at all that it will keep your guests talking over the chips ‘n’ dip. Are you barbecuing or creating an art statement? We say, “Why not both?”

3. The Jag Six by Jag Grills

Jag 6 grill

At a grand and a half, the Jag Six grill is an investment. But look at what you get for your money! It’s four feet across at its widest, and weighs a sturdy 100 pounds. The Jag Six has removable stainless-steel grilling racks and side door access for cleaning, and the wooden top panels can be taken off, too. We like the idea of sitting around the grill, literally, shooting the breeze and watching dinner sizzle. (Via Amazing Home Design.)

4. The Bruce Handrail Grill by Connox

Bruce handrail Grill

Urban grillers, rejoice! The Bruce Handrail Grill is designed especially for space-challenged city residents. All you need is a railing or a wall to hook this over, and you can entertain like a pro. (Gizmag)

5. The Summit by Weber

Weber grill

The King of ‘Cue himself, Steven Raichlen, raves about Weber’s Performer grill to Forbes: “It grills, it roasts, it smokes, and there’s a very cool rotisserie attachment that lets you spit-roast and smoke at the same time–my favorite way to cook chicken.” Now Weber’s introduced an upgrade with more bells and whistles, the Summit.

There are thousands of grill styles out there, and an equal number of barbecuers who swear by gas or are devoted to charcoal. And that’s to say nothing of form and function–or the dreaded matter of the household budget. Whether you lean toward the simple and straightforward or yearn for shine and gadgets, we know you’ll find your BBQ soulmate. The grill of your dreams is out there.