“Drink water! You’re not drinking enough water every day!” Feel as if you’re constantly being harangued about your H2O consumption? You’re not alone.

Of course it’s easy to drink water when you’re at home and have constant access to a kitchen — it’s when you’re on the go that it gets trickier. But since there are so many great bottle options on the market nowadays, it looks like we’re starting to run out of excuses. Here are five of our favorite designs:

Hydra: SmartBottle

With the Hydra, you’re getting a water bottle and a ton of cool technological features. Think a premium Bluetooth speaker, a hands-free speakerphone option so you can chat as you work out, FM radio connectivity, a power bank for on-the-go device charging, LED lights, a hidden storage compartment to stash cash in, a carabiner/bottle opener to help you with the other type of bottle, and of course, an accompanying smartphone app.

Ozmo Smart Bottle

The Ozmo has a clever twist to it. Aside from measuring and logging how much water you drink each day, it also monitors your daily coffee consumption. “So you’ll know whether that 4 P.M. latte is a good idea, or how much [water] you should drink after that five-mile bike ride,” explains the company.

The Ozmo and its accompanying app track your liquid intake and sync with fitness trackers like Fitbit and Apple Watch to let you know how much water you’ll need to fully rehydrate after your workout. One of our favorite functions? A built-in barcode scanner lets you monitor your meal choices and keep yourself on a healthy track.


Tired of toting a bulky bottle around? Check out the Memobottle, which slides right into your backpack or handbag, so you can always have drinking water close at hand no matter where your day takes you. As an added perk, the company provides a month’s worth of clean drinking water to two people in need for each bottle sold.

The Memobottle comes in a couple of different sizes. The “A5” model can hold 750 ml, for example, and the company says, “The shape of the A5 Memobottle closely resembles the dimensions of a sheet of paper, and it is made from a durable BPA-free and cradle-to-cradle certified plastic.”

The Memobottle’s inventors wanted to create a stylish, practical answer to the glut of drink-and-toss plastic bottles out there. We reckon they’ve succeeded.

MOUS Fitness Bottle

The MOUS Fitness Bottle is definitely a multitasker. According to its designers, it’s “the one fitness bottle for all your hydration needs: protein shakes, water infusions, smoothies, and supplements.” It’s BPA-free and designed to come apart for easier cleaning, preventing bacteria and unpleasant odors from taking hold in its crevices. It’s even dishwasher-safe, which will be a big help on those days when you’re rushing.

Another nifty design feature: “A friction hinge blends into the overall design, allowing a full 180-degree range of motion so that it doesn’t get in your way while drinking.” The drinking spout is also simple and effective, giving you a steady stream of water whenever you want it. The bottle holds 28 ounces (850 ml).

KOR Nava

No more futzing with bottle caps when you’re driving or cycling. The Nava’s hands-free push-button cap is a cinch to open, and the hinged-top design means it can’t roll away or get lost in the back of the kitchen cabinet.

The bottle’s filter is made entirely from coconut shells. Yes, coconut shells. “After harvesting, the shells are converted to activated carbon using a proprietary process that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions,” explains the KOR company. “Coconut shells are widely recognized as the most effective material for carbon filtration.”