The boy’s about to skim! “He knew the moment had arrived at last, the stars had aligned, the perfect balance of stillness and silence were upon him. He stood facing the shimmering lake and felt a calmness descend.”  – Dominic Wilcox.

He’s located his stone, and it’s a good one, a true treasure of its type. He’s savoring the moment, he’s about to go for it …but then he wonders. Should he throw it or should he just keep it?




Well you can see his dilemma. He’s  saved up all his pocket money for this stone. It’s made of gold!


‘Luxury Skimming Stones’  are coated in 24 carat gold leaf and they come in their very own,  individually ‘made to fit’ leather belt pouch. Each stone was discovered and hand picked (in both senses of the term) by their creator, UK artist Dominic Wilcox: the  “stones he would like to skim on lakes and shores around Italy, the UK and New Zealand.”


It’s beautiful, it’s shiny! What’s a boy to do?

Wilcox questions the perceived human condition of a capitalist world  – that time is money. As described on his website: ‘The act of skimming (or skipping) a flat stone at the surface of the water in order to make it bounce as many times as possible, is an age old pastime. Instead of the usual monetary ideas of what is valuable, these Luxury Skimming Stones focus on the value of time and the feeling of anticipation. The fact that the stone’s time of use lasts only a few seconds only heightens the perceived luxuriousness. Deciding when to throw may be a difficult decision for some’.


Should we even throw the precious stone at all – here today and gone tomorrow?  No goldfish could flash brighter through the waves. Though could this quirky and indulgent example of throwaway culture be kept in its luxury bag, a fragile reminder of time passing? You can even get to wear it every day!