It’s a coffee table. It’s a pinball machine. It’s a “Star Wars” lover’s dream. It’s the Droid, a piece of furniture so cool, you’ll want it whether you grew up with Darth Vader, Yoda and C-3PO or not. Created by utterly inventive Hungarian ALTAR furniture, this “one and only love child of Star Wars pinball and R2D2” has snagged a 2015 A’Design Award and garnered – deservedly – lots of international attention. The object, a bona fide coffee table on wheels, is basically a vintage “Star Wars” pinball field housed in the body of an R2D2.

This next piece of info (get ready for total geek-out), might be the most exciting aspect of this amazing creation: It has a mini slide projector that displays “R2D2 in the Death Stars’ sewage.” It beeps, it blinks, it whirs, it pings (see video below), it took 321 hours to come alive, and it costs circa $13,000 (if still available), not counting shipping from Budapest. It’s epic. We rest our case.

Its creators, ALTAR furniture, have devoted themselves to rescuing pin ball machines after they die, imbuing them with a second, awesome coffee table life as “wonderfully complicated, meticulously planned and crafted sexy beings,” as they so eloquently write on their website.

If “Star Wars” isn’t your cup of Joe, check out these other commissioned coffee table pieces by the European artisans.

Or best of all, if you have the money to spare, have them custom design your very own love child, such as this nostalgic tape deck below!

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“The ‘lovechild’ of R2D2 and 3CPO is here in all it’s glory! R2PO, the fully working Star Wars pin ball coffee table of Altar Furniture took almost 300 hours to finish.”

“Currently only one item available, this amazing lovechild of R2D2 and 3CPO is probably the coolest Star Wars collectible in the Galaxy. Beautifully crafted by hand, the outer surface has been meticulously covered with #gold leafing.”