airbnb floating house

Forget England’s iconic canal boats – this magical¬†little house is Airbnb’s Floating House on the River Thames. The undeniably cute home slowly drifts along the river Thames past landmarks like the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Canary Wharf, and Millennium Bridge.

floating house with yard

london airbnb floating house

Standing eight meters (26 feet) tall, the home isn’t just a miniature novelty. You can actually stay in it and sleep in its two bedrooms. Attached is a back garden complete with a lawn, a doghouse, and an apple tree. It’s just like a cozy little cottage but with the added benefit of gently lulling waves. The home’s designers lovingly describe it as “Primrose Hill meets Pixar.”

living area floating airbnb house

kitchen floating house

Inside the home, a kitchen, living room, and functioning bathroom join the two bedrooms. The floating house’s steering wheel is located in the kitchen, nestled into the counter in front of a little window. The anchor sits at the back of the garden, waiting to be lowered into the water so the boat can stay put for a while.

anchor airbnb floating london house

river thames airbnb floating house

The floating home was launched in celebration of a new rule that means UK residents can receive a higher rate for renting out their residences. Sadly, the Thames journey is only temporary, culminating in a one-night stay for the winner of an Airbnb contest. It doesn’t seem that the home will be available for rent after that time, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed.