singapore cage apartment

Designing a living space for an artist can post myriad challenges because most artists (and art collectors) have very specific tastes and needs. The creative minds at PRODUCE Workshop totally nailed the design of an 1100 square foot loft for art and media mogul Woon Tai Ho.

produce workshop cage like apartment interior

art collector apartment singapore

The Singapore loft had to look modern and had to incorporate art at every turn. The resident communicated that he was tired of merely showing off his love of art; he wanted to live in his very own work of art.

steel cage wardrobe

storage and display space

PRODUCE Workshop decided on a single piece that would inhabit the entire interior. This steel rod structure resembles a cage and fills the apartment’s interior with fascinating shapes and offbeat storage solutions.

suspended table

suspended cement sink

The rods wrap their way around the bottom of the dining table to support it at one end while the other end stands on legs. A gorgeous concrete sink is similarly held aloft by the cage structure, truly incorporating it into every part of the home.

downward view

steel rod grid structure

PRODUCE’s unusual approach to this art collector’s dilemma has given him endless places to display the art and objects he loves. The cage structure has not simply been inserted into an existing home; it is an integral part of the structure which perfectly fits the resident’s lifestyle.