ballo stool

This vaguely cartoonish mushroom-looking chair is a fun update on the balance ball chair. Plenty of people use balance balls – also known as yoga balls – as chairs to keep their muscles engaged throughout the day and to improve circulation as they sit at their desks.

portable balance ball stool

Ballo is an “active” chair that looks a little less silly than sitting on a big rubber ball in your office. The stool weighs in at a light 13.5 pounds to make for simple moving around as you go from desk to meeting room and back. Hidden handles just under the top domeĀ give you a handy grip on the seat while you’re carrying it.

stool inspired by yoga ball exercise ball

The bottom of the stool is curved to keep you from simply resting all of your body weight on the seat. To stay upright you have to use your core and leg muscles, a practice known as “active sitting.”

balance ball inspired stool ballo

The top of the Ballo is also curved and the firmness of the dome is adjustable so you can customize the sitting surface to your liking. A counterweight in the bottom dome keeps the Ballo from falling over when you aren’t sitting on it. Users up to 300 pounds can enjoy the health benefits of active sitting on the balance ball-inspired stool.

active sitting stool ballo

Made from eco-friendly materials, the Ballo is a more playful approach to an already rather playful seating solution. Designer Don Chadwick‘s goal was to create a fun and health-promoting product that would fit into just about any environment.