The look of wallpaper can completely change a room for the better, but it’s a big commitment because papering a wall is among the absolute worst home improvement projects possible. These wallpaper-like paint rollers from The Painted House give you the delicious patterns of wallpaper and the ease of application you get with painting.

Wallpapering involves prepping the wall, prepping the paper, lining up the pattern on each piece of paper, making sure there are no air bubbles, and hoping against hope that it all lines up and sticks perfectly. And when you want to take it down to change it, you’ve got another annoyingly complicated full-day project in store.

Painting, on the other hand, still involves some preparation but after that is pretty much a no-brainer project. The Painted House’s patterned paint rollers give you the patterned look of wallpaper with the easy roll-on application of paint. There is still some lining up involved, but according to The Painted House it’s no harder than lining up a couple of marks on the rollers.

But the rollers’ usefulness extends far beyond the walls. The company also provides instructions on putting patterns to fabric or paper, resulting in custom decorated textiles, stationery, wrapping paper, furniture, and anything else you can roll paint onto.