Industrial metal lockers grace the halls of high schools and the breakrooms of workplaces, but they aren’t the type of furniture that you might display proudly in your home. Designer Stephan Siepermann has rethought and redesigned the classic locker simply by changing the material.



In a departure from the usual loud, clanking metal construction, Siepermann made his locky2 locker out of handsome solid oak. The characteristic top and bottom vents remain, as does the familiar tab-and-slot closure. The locky2 even features its own custom padlock made of oak wood.



The inside of the locky2 also resembles a standard gym locker, with the addition of a bar and hooks for hanging clothes. The furniture piece is a playful but functional take on an instantly-recognizable object. Although it would certainly be at home in your home gym, it would make for a fun entryway coat closet or bedroom wardrobe.