MOSS home office unit
We love a good home office design, and it’s even better when the office is in the back yard, away from the distractions of your main home. Telecommuting is so much better for the environment than driving to and from work every day, and Victor Vetterlein‘s conceptual MOSS (Micro Office Systems Space) home office makes it even eco-friendlier.
sustainable eco-friendly modular home office
MOSS was designed to be dispatched by companies to remote employees’ homes; two of them can fit on a flatbed truck (minus the optional kitchen and bathroom extension). They could be set up in the yard, driveway, or, for some lucky employees, maybe even up on the roof.
alternative energy eco-friendly backyard home office
Each unit includes a direct visual, audio, and data link to the employee’s headquarters or main office. The angled octagonal design is meant to protect the unit from the elements by easily shedding water and diverting high winds. And frankly, the whole setup is quite modern and stylish.
victor vetterlein moss backyard home office
A number of eco-friendly details are included in the design to minimize its environmental footprint. The interior of the pod contains a wood-burning stove that uses kiln-dried wood waste for fuel. A skylight helps with ventilation and provides natural light, but low-power LEDs are also included to ensure there’s always enough light to work by.
backyard home office solar and wind powered

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A radiant heat system under the floor is an efficient way to keep the space warm. Solar panels, a wind turbine, and power storage batteries all help to keep the modular offices off of the grid and keep employees productive and happy.

(via: Dezeen)