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Noise pollution may not be as physically harmful as smog or other forms of environmental contamination, but it can lead to increased levels of stress. A quiet, peaceful environment makes for a happier, healthier outlook in general. Many people seek this type of peace by heading into nature and surrounding themselves with trees.

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exterior window

Luxury treehouse design company Blue Forest teamed up with Quiet Mark and retailer John Lewis to create a quiet sanctuary away from the relentless noise of the outside world.

west sussex childrens hospice quiet treehouse

natural light quiet treehouse

The overall shape of the treehouse was inspired by a small group of trees. The rounded house sits on a base of three tree trunk-like structures, elevating it to physically and symbolically remove the people inside from the noise outside.

ethereal freestanding quiet treehouse

blue forest quiet treehouse

The cathedral-like treehouse was erected as the centerpiece of the 2014 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. Sustainable parts were donated by several companies to make the project possible.

quiet mark treehouse interior


Inside, the treehouse is cozy and simple. It includes a living area and small kitchenette, all surrounded by eight floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the interior with sunlight.

interior with windows

peaceful quiet treehouse chestnut tree house childrens hospice

Ultimately, the treehouse will be donated to and installed permanently at the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice in West Sussex, England. The lovely retreat will allow children and their families a chance to visit and play together in a peaceful environment.