Aquarium kitchen island
Dutch designer Robert Kolenik’s functional aquarium ‘Ocean’ is a delightfully decadent way to turn an ordinary kitchen in to a luxurious lounge.
Raising the top of the kitchen island
The enormous aquarium/kitchen island is topped with an L-shaped Corian countertop that raises (presumably for fish care and aquarium maintenance) with the touch of a button.
‘Ocean’ is a limited edition, made-to-order work of art. Hidden behind the aquarium are numerous cabinets and drawers to make the kitchen as spacious and functional as any other.
Oceanic kitchen island

Topping the counter surface is everything you would find in an ordinary kitchen: cooktop, sink, and plenty of work space. While not everyone could afford this incredibly striking centerpiece in their home, it’s a gorgeous piece of design to add to your “dream kitchen” checklist.
“Absolute eye catcher in the board room, is the unique aquarium under the kitchen top which effortlessly lifts just with the press of a button. Apart from being a one of a kind design object, it is surprisingly functional.
Seemingly an oversized aquarium, the intelligent L-shape hides generous space for storage and equipment. This Robert Kolenik state of the art masterpiece is available in a limited edition and can be made to measure.”
“Robert Kolenik (1981, Westervoort) is an interior designer and furniture designer with a warm, luxurious, international and timeless signature.”
“He represents the new generation of Dutch designers who are respected and admired around the world. This is due to the high quality of their work, their businesslike approach and their unique design style. What’s more, Kolenik combines all this with a huge amount of passion, a critical eye and an inspiring personality. His design studio is based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. From here, he creates a wide variety of interiors and design furniture. These range from villas to restaurants, and from design chandeliers to sofas.”