foot hammock

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Millions of people spend the entire workday in a seated position. Besides being not-so-great for your health, sitting all day can be uncomfortable as well. The Fuut Desk from Connect Design is a clever little contraption that looks and acts like a hammock for your feet.

adjustable hammock footrest

The Fuut plays right into our natural desire to prop our feet up while we sit, and it offers adjustable lengths so you can hold your feet at different angles for working or for resting.

work and rest positions

While we aren’t sure of the body proper body mechanics for keeping your spine and the rest of your body healthy while sitting, the Fuut looks a great deal more comfortable than the hard footstools most people prop their feet on while sitting at a desk.

fuut roll up footrest hammock

The cotton, wood, and rope hammock attaches to the sides of your desk with small clips. The $30 (USD) Fuut comes in six different colors and rolls up into a tiny portable package when not in use.