1 gradient table

It’s amazing what can be done with materials that some people view as trash. Designer Eli Chissick saves scraps of wood veneer from the floor of a carpentry studio, then carefully repurposes them into beautifully crafted furniture. His Gradient table is a wonderful example of his work, displaying many different types of “scrap” wood arranged in a gradual color gradient.

2 gradient table

Ten different types of wood are used in the unique table, arranged from darkest to lightest. Chissick’s process preserves the natural grain and beauty of each individual piece of wood.

eli chissick recycled wood gradient table

Chissick, a talented designer, artist, and carpenter, designed an entire line of furniture based on the idea of saving wood scraps and giving them new life. Every piece of furniture in the “Wood-con-fusion” series is a one-of-a-kind work of art with its own unique personality.

eli chissick recycled wood gradient table

The series of rescued wood pieces come from Chissick’s passionate belief in sustainable design. He sees the beauty and potential in what others would think of as waste, transforming each piece into a new material that is then made into high quality and inimitable furniture.