space generator auditorium

Technology has allowed our homes and other structures to do and be all sorts of amazing things, but we are nowhere near reaching the pinnacle of construction technology. This concept, called Space Generator, blew our minds. It proves that there are plenty of amazing ideas out there just waiting to be refined and put into practice.

pneumatic moving cells transforming space

Space Generator is a futuristic building interior concept designed by Maria Malitskaya and Grigory Malitskiy. The Space Generator is an imagined interior space with infinite possibilities. It is composed of “cells” which can raise and lower to actually create furniture, rooms, stages, performance arenas, and anything else needed at the moment.

space generator transforming space

The designers imagine that the cells would come in a number of finishes and different shapes: square, triangular, trapezoidal, circular – whatever is called for in a particular application. Each individual cell is a jack plate which can be moved by hydraulic, pneumatic, or electrical systems.

space generator concept

Each cell can feature colors, designs, or even LED screens on its sides. The space can be changed as needed according to pre-programmed movements. Certain cells raise while others lower or stay stationary, forming limitless shapes in very short time spans. The system is self-cleaning, can be used indoors or outdoors, and the cells can be installed on ceilings and walls as well as floors.

transforming space generator space

This amazing idea would allow virtual reality to find its way into the real world effortlessly. Nearly any structure that can be imagined can be formed with the Space Generator. The cells rising and falling into position would be a performance in itself. The impressive concept was a 2013 Red Dot Design Concept winner. We don’t see it becoming reality anytime soon, but it does show that there are still frontiers to be conquered in the technological architecture arena.