pluk fruit bowl

The classic hanging fruit bowl is getting a stylish modern update with the Pluk, a spherical fruit bowl that hangs from the ceiling and holds your produce – or anything else – in a surprisingly attractive way.

fruit bowl suspended wood frame elastic bands

The Pluk is made of two intersecting circles – available in plastic or in wood – and a neat web of elastic strings that move and stretch to let you insert and remove objects from the hanging container.

pluk hanging elastic fruit bowl

Designers Kaare Frandsen and Nicolas Aagaard set out to create a more attractive fruit bowl, but they came up with something that is far more versatile than just a container for fruit. It does, of course, hold your fruit and keep it fresher than it would be sitting in a bowl on the counter.

silicone inlay pluk fruit bowl

But it can also hold just about anything else that can fit inside its frame. Toys, tools, toiletries…just about anything would look amazing in this hanging work of art. With an optional silicone inlay, it can also be used on a table or counter top.

spherical hanging stuff holder

The designers are already producing the Pluk with their design company FACO, but they started a Kickstarter campaign to begin producing a Pluk in a wider variety of finishes and materials.