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Morris Architects‘ idea of turning an abandoned oil rig into a residential resort is, itself, a brilliant and offbeat one. The notion of doing this with 4,000 soon-to-be-deserted ones? Potentially revolutionary. Combined, this would yield a whopping 80,000,000 available square feet spread around the sunny Gulf of Mexico.


The wonderful idea comes complete with a fantasy of carrying people out to their sea-borne condos, homes and hotels via container ships, using the universal cargo container unit as a central building block to the designs – and providing a luxurious mode of transport in the process.


How realistic? Well, BLDGBLOG speculates on the potential future of these structures as partially-completed-then-abandoned derelict heaps slowly taken over by squatters and sea pirates, painting dark imagery of what might happen in their latter years. All in all, these pictures each present fascinating possibilities for the future of sea-based abandonments.