Does it ever strike you as strange that we have so many objects dedicated to drinking? Unlike food, which comes in many consistencies, liquid is relatively uniform. This all-purpose beverage glass plays to different kinds of Connoisseur without compromising its essential shape or requiring that you store glassware for every occasion.

Simply want water? No stem or attachment is required for this most basic, day-to-day function. Shifting to wine? A simple slender neck and base slot in, elegantly extending the core cup unit. Both actually look like glasses you would want to buy separately – even if they were multi-functional.

For cognac drinkers, an angled base tilts the tableware to let it breath better – turning it into an effective side-tilted snifter. A baseless champagne stem is perfect for toasted-oriented, mobility-focused celebrations (setting down your drink at the wrong time can mean missing the key toasts).

Sven Milcent &?Utopik Design Lab have arguably solved a basic drinkware problem with this cupboard space-saving design, though whether or not it would work well in practice depends entirely on the connections – the interchangeable pieces are the physical and conceptual lynchpins that will make or break these (literally) in real life.