Like space-age puppeteers, these designers draw out an idea with digital pens. While invisible to the naked eye, their sketches are recorded in 3D computer files and rendered real in the form of laser-heated plastic … all this rises up from an improbable, Star-Wars-worthy liquid bath as shown in the video below.

From start to finish, a single piece takes but a day to make – whatever gesticulations they trace in the air are translated and meticulously recreated in the printing process. Each result, needless to say, is entirely unique.

This process takes point-and-click to the next level, and the use of ‘real space’ makes the translation from flat sketch to three-dimensional reality an unnecessary step.

While these tools and technologies are not yet widespread in the home, FRONT has been creating works like these for years now – one can imagine that within the decade each house could come equipped with a sketch-your-own-furniture studio.