Want to change your wallpaper? No, not the desktop – though it could soon be just as simple to alter the ‘real thing’ as it is to swap the computer-side equivalent. These two stunning videos show use what daily home life might be like in the not-too-distant future. Whether their visionary outlooks are utopian or dystopian, however, is for your to decide.

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The digital environments in this first video take on the potential of augmented reality to both shape our household experiences in positive ways and commercialize the last bastions of privacy – our very walls, furniture, furnishings and fixtures.


Commercials pervade the perception of this protagonist, who has clearly learned to ignore them in the same way we all filter brands from the public (physical) realm and personal (internet-capable) computer.


Perhaps there will be virtual pop-up blockers to help keep them at bay – these things always seem to arise when needed, part of an ever-present balancing act.

The second video is perhaps a bit more positive in its outlook, suggesting creative menus that could surround us while we work … it might still look like an information overload scenario, but so would the web had someone showed it to us a few decades ago.


Keiichi Matsuda is a student of architecture in Berlin, and these videos represent both critique/commentary as well as an illustration of future possibilities, good or bad, for combining the digital and physical worlds. (via BldgBlog.) Is it all a stretch? Perhaps, but we already fine-tune our desktops, customize our phones and … well, where does it end?


What have we learned from these – and from the past decade, for that matter? That the ‘Second Life’ scenario will never play out – instead of pushing further into the world of bits, that world will now push back into the planet of atoms.