There is something engaging and innovative but classic and timeless about this stylish series of furniture ads. Using simple white text on a brown background, the story literally builds into pieces of furniture shaped from the words on the screen.
Created as part of a marketing campaign for Steelcase, these videos are not ‘viral’ in any traditional sense of the word – they are old-school advertisements that simply use new technologies to communicate timeless ideas.

The fully-built pieces have words at various font sizes, sort of like a weighted tag cloud found on the sides of a website that indicate terms most used or otherwise relevant to the page.

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Please note: this is not a solicited review of any sort, nor an endorsement of these products – the visuals were simply striking and seemed to warrant sharing with a wider audience. If anything, you may see these stills and watch the video only to conclude that you wish the company did indeed produce and sell text-covered ‘font furniture’ you could buy in real life.