Looking to freshen up your space but don’t know where to start? Redecorating can be an intimidating task, to say the least. Ideally, you want your space to feel stylish and sophisticated without sacrificing functionality or everyday livability.

And let’s face it: keeping up with all of the latest home trends can be a task unto itself, as styles are constantly changing and updating. That’s why it’s always best to let to turn to the pros for help, whether you’re just looking to change up a single room or start from scratch with something entirely different.

Follow these tips from celebrity interior designers to keep your home looking timeless and trendy all summer long:

Force of Nature

Who doesn’t find nature inspiring? The colors, the shapes, the relaxing vibe — all of these and more can be found just by integrating a bit of nature into your space. Kari Whitman, celebrity interior designer to the likes of Jessica Alba and Antonio Banderas, uses nature as inspiration for her dazzling designs. More specifically, she creates beautiful pieces that blend nature’s simplicity and complexity into stylish, eye-popping design elements.

If you’re looking to add a bit of natural flair to your space but are a bit more on the traditional side, try bringing in some plants to liven up your rooms. Indoor plants come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so depending on your space, you can add whatever types suit your aesthetic and accentuate your interiors. You can also update your plant vibe with a twist on the traditional. These indoor plant walls from Etsy and Wayfair are a new take on the usual humdrum house plant.

Function and Flair

Short on space but still want to make a statement? Have no fear! With a bit of creativity, you can easily create a space that’s both attractive and functional. Adam Rolston and Drew Stuart, design partners for Incorporated Architecture & Design, recognize the challenges of decorating smaller spaces. Their recommendation? Choose pieces that not only look great but can transform to suit your needs, such as a round dining room table that can be expanded with fold-out leaves for your next dinner party. Another fun way save space is to invest in multifunctional items. While we can’t all have this coffee table by Daniel Pearlman that houses both an armchair and a side table, we can still add creative, fun pieces to our homes without breaking the bank, like this B FSOBEIIALEO Storage Ottoman and these nesting tables from Wayfair.

Tricks of the Trade

Everyone wants to make their space look bigger, as even the illusion of more space can make a room seem more open and inviting. Lucky for us, celebrity interior designers have all the best tips for tricking the eye by adding depth and making any room feel more comfortable. Jeff Andrews, who’s previously worked with stars like Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, recommends “editing” your space to make it look larger. This could mean focusing on larger pieces of furniture or even mixing up textures. Making a statement with large, eye-catching pieces like this Wood Texture Wall Decor helps to add dimension and the illusion of space.

According to Andrews, another great way to add depth is by creatively using black to add contrast to a room. These “little touches of black” can help to create an almost layered effect that works well when contrasted with other more colorful or warm pieces. This tubetop table lamp from Pablo Designs is a great example of how a simple, sleek design in black can make a statement in any room.

Another trick of the trade to make a room appear more spacious is to add mirrors. Channel your inner magician to amp up the brightness of a room while also adding extra dimension. Andrews added angled mirrors to this Tahoe project for both a touch of modernity and some fresh new perspectives. Start small with a statement mirror like this one from West Elm, and see where you go from there!

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a room that looks like a million bucks. The key is to focus on creating a design plan that pairs well with your space, focuses on comfort, and is both trendy and affordable. Using these tips and tricks from top celebrity interior designers will help you create a home atmosphere that matches your style and aesthetic by blending function and fabulousness.