Multifunctional furniture is often some of the most inventive and fun furniture, and the Superbambi is no exception. The Superbambi from Scoope Design is composed of two pieces: a white base, and a bright orange piece that slots into different positions as needed.

The orange piece is where the Superbambi gets its name; it looks a bit like a superhero’s cape extending from the white base. In one position, it is a simple chair.

Remove the orange piece and the Superbambi becomes an end table or a child’s writing desk. The orange piece, placed on its wide end, can be used as a coat rack or bedside butler.

When the orange piece is slotted into the bottom set of holes with its “feet” on the ground, Superbambi is a step stool that lets little ones extend their reach.

This little transforming wonder, with its rearranging parts and multiple uses, is a terrific example of simple yet elegant design. No special tools or knowledge are needed to switch functions; the two pieces and the pre-cut holes are self-explanatory and lend the Superbambi a sense of almost toy-like fun.