Fake wood rug design

Fake fur has long dominated fashion, so with forests dwindling and wood becoming a scarcer resource … will faux-wood furniture and furnishings be the next wave of mind-tricking design we find underfoot? Using wood slices as decor is nothing new, but rarely do you see tree rings used quite like this.

Fake wood home rug

Floor to Heaven works on custom flooring solutions with an emphasis on material variety, color, pattern and texture, making this particular petrified-looking tree slice convincing both visually and (albeit a bit softer) to the touch. It might look like a slice of wood from an incredibly old, tall tree, but in reality it’s just a very real-looking “wood textile” creation. The aged cracks in the rings are a nice touch.

Wall hanging wood slice rug

A similarly simple round floor covering product from the creator Yvette Laduk is an even more life-like replicate of a cross-sectional tree, complete with faux bark around the edges and once-per-year rings suggesting it to be of significant age as well. The colors, in this case, are spot-on. Hang it on a wall and it looks just like the real thing.

“The (tree trunk) rug, Woody Wood, is made of durable material in a cradle to cradle factory that is used in the project design,” says Laduk. “The edges are cut, roasted and fixed. Made to stay beautiful for years.”

We’re not sure what “roasted” means in terms of rugs, but it created a cool looking result (and this description is translated from Dutch by Google, after all.)

Fake wood pattern rugs

Finally, these creative “wood” carpets from textile designer and ornamental decorator Arzu Firuz manage to look remarkably fragile, as if someone has hand-carved out sections of a wood-slat panels to create a stiff area rug. In reality, the material is truly soft and pliable – though your guests might think twice before stepping through the middle of your living room if it means crossing one of these curious masterpieces. This one is extra fun because it’s like a cross between a rug and wood flooring.