Triplette Chair by Paul Menand

If the goal of stacked seating is to minimize space displaced within the stack, you really cannot make a more pleasingly compact arrangement than this – what seems like a single chair, that actually hides two additional chairs in plain sight. The way the Triplette Chair transforms itself from one seat into multiple seats really feels like a magic trick, even when you see it in action. Check out how it works in the video below.

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French designer Paul Menand created the seamless Triplette Chair series to work as one without making the combination unusable, as is often the case with stacks of chairs before you pull them apart. How much space are you really saving when you have to find room for storage?

Instead of storing them out of view, you can use the main space-saving configuration most of the time then simply slot out a few additional seating spaces on demand. Imagine how easily you could multiply seating for parties and events if you replaced every chair in your home or business with these! When one chair becomes three, six chairs around a dining table expand to offer enough eating for a considerable number of people.

Triplette chair in closed position
Triplette chair pulled apart

Best of all, the design loses no aesthetic value for the sake of transformation. It’s elegant in both forms, as a seamlessly packaged “triplette” slotted into one compact package or as a separate trio of individual chairs.

If only all convertible space saving furniture worked this way: practical, easy to use, beautiful and truly compact. The only way to save more space than this would be to go fully flat-pack, in which case you’d likely lose both comfort and looks. A true feat of furniture design, and one we hope Menand will trademark and sell so we can all reap the benefits of its intrinsic cleverness.

via Yatzer