Zurich is best known for its church spires, watchmakers and chocolate shops, but explore just a little bit beyond the edges of the city proper and you’ll find an increasingly hip and modern former industrial area housing one of Switzerland’s most eclectic hotels. 25Hours is located in the neighborhood of Zurich West, and offers a bright and energetic refuge surrounded by jazz clubs, antique bookshops and the University of the Arts.

The lobby has a playful feel in a kaleidoscope of colors and retrofuturistic furniture, punctuated with bicycles displayed like art. The bar features industrial details like corrugated aluminum walls, paying tribute to the history of the area. At night, the public spaces become more club-like to reflect the bustling activity in the streets outside.

Each of the 126 rooms is custom-designed to be entirely unique. Designer and Zurich resident Alfredo Häberli uses a palette of neon colors softened by liberal usage of white in each one. Some guest rooms feature pod-like sleeping spaces separated from the living areas, while others are entirely open, with bathtubs beside the window offering views of the city.

Häberli himself wrote out sightseeing recommendations on various surfaces throughout the hotel, so that guests can stumble upon them at random and go on a sort of urban treasure hunt.