Spider Light: Creepy-Crawly Lamp Clings with Magnetic Legs
Stretchy Chair is a Work of Art + a Comfy Resting Spot
Watt a Bright Idea: Adjust Lamp’s Intensity With a Pulley
Reflective Teacups Ensure Always-Matching Saucer Sets
Fun House: Modern Play Space Features Wooden Swings
Micro Architecture: Jagged Wooden Structures Inspired by Ships
Intertwining Ribbon Structure is a Beautiful Wedding Chapel
Artificial Skylight Produces Incredibly Realistic Sunlight
Decaying Wooden Barn Made Over Into Dreamy Living Space
Hand-Holding Weighted Blanket Eases Grief + Loneliness
Modern Dog: Origami Coffee Table Doubles as a Pet Bed
Bookniture Slides Off the Shelf and Opens Into Tables & Stools
Airy Modern Bookshelf is 12 Interlocking Wooden Frames
Palette Table Mixes People Like Paint to Encourage Interaction
Wooden Wall Tiles Make Stunning Personalized Wall Art
Ultra Cool: 3D Printed Bricks Can Cool Homes Using No Power