Honeycomb Hotel: Stackable Sleeping Cells at the B-and-Bee
Tilted Hillside Studio Frames Beautiful Views in Two Directions
FLOAT: Minimalist Mobile Kitchen Made of Copper and Wood
Magnetic Wall System Easily Hangs Anything + Everything
Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Cup: Tiny Goldfish Tea Bags
The Locker Grows Up: Metal Storage Units Turn Classy
Old Apartment Transformed With an Entirely New Interior
Extra Shirt Button Clips on For Thread-Free Quick Fix
Behold Beauty: Mirrored Vases Let Plants Admire Themselves
Nesting: Egg-Shaped Divider Defines Cafe, Gallery + Studio
Steampunk Addition Brings Retro-Futuristic Flair to Farmhouse
Creeping Planters: Modern Pots with Root-Like Appendages
Super-Slim Arched House Makes the Most of Narrow Tokyo Plot
Washbasin Turns Into a Suitcase for the Dedicated Traveler
Italy’s Tiniest Home is Just Bigger Than a Walk-In Closet
Shape-Shifting Bandage Adapts to Different Hand Injuries