Folding Concrete?! Flat-Pack Building Blocks of the Future
$1000 Egg House on Wheels for a Working Urban Architect
Smart Self-Cleaning Fridge Orders Food & Suggests Recipes
Planting Ideas: A Coat, Hat, Bag & Book as Indoor Planters
Undefined Design: Mystery Objects for Interactive Interiors
Self-Balancing Staff: Weighted Walking Stick Stays Upright
Ping-Pong Apartment: 25,000 Balls Make Off-the-Wall Decor
Hover Light: Hanging Table Lamp with Secret Wire Supports
Tableware Tripod: Interlocking Knife, Fork & Spoon Series
Prefab in Paradise: Built for Gale Force Winds & Forest Fires
Boomerang Furniture: 1 Bent-Wood Module, Infinite Shapes
Airlift Architecture: Fly-In Prefab for Extreme Environments
10 Scrap Refabs: Vintage Reupholstery with Colorful Fabric
Closet Home: A Compact, Remote-Controlled Dream Condo
Reflected Beauty: Faux-Floating Furniture Art Installation
Flip-Up Furniture: Dual Functions in Half the Square Footage