Sweet 1600: 2010 Ends with 1,000,000+ Monthly Readers
Scrap Shelter: Welded Steel Home for the End of the World
Elegant Steel Spiral Staircase Reuses Scrap Wood Shavings
Urban & Rural Reuse: 2 Classy Carriage House Conversions
Etched Floor Decor: 5 Engineered Wood Flooring Patterns
Forest Facade: Bamboo Shoots Up, Shades & Fences House
Healthy Handle: Self-Sanitizing UV Door Knob Kills Germs
International Style: Remodeling a 700-Year-Old Farmhouse
Modern Vintage: Baroque Bookcase Carved in a Blank Box
Super-Fast Prefab: Flat-Pack Steel Home Frame in Just 1 Day
Sleeping Bag Coats: Makeshift Wearable Homeless Shelters
Make the Bed: Simple Stacked Comforters for Lazy Sleepers
Clutter Craft: Upcycling Vintage Drawers into New Dressers
Hold & Hide: Two Tea-Bag-Centric Ceramic Cups & Saucers
Wild Watchtower: Defensible Forest Studio & Library Space
Fashionably Fun: Plush Black & White Puzzle-Piece Furniture