Ultralight Flex Chair: Flat-Pack Aluminum, Strong like Steel
Reverse Funnels for Stylish Spill-Free Glass Serving Carafes
Type Mismatch: Recycled Refrigerator + Car Seat Couches
Simple Surrounds: 3 Mantel-Free Minimalist Gas Fireplaces
Silver Sliver: Small Brick Townhouse + Skinny Metal Addition
Real Secret: Unique Storage Custom Cut into Classic Books
Dream-Like Desert Home Design for Wide Open-Air Spaces
Hybrid Heirloom: Wood & Plastic Fused to Fix a Family Chair
Livable Luxury Loft: Cheap & Creative Live/Work/Art Refab
Trick & Treat: 7 Huge Photo Prints Sculpt Impossible Spaces
Holy (Flipping!) Island Homes: 5 Upside-Down Boat Houses
Black to White: Coffee Table Transforms to a Leather Chair
Secret Spin Cycle: Self-Washing Sink + Built-In Dishwasher
Open & Shut? Stylish Knob-Free Doors with Built-In Handles
Partition Magic: Space-Saving Mobile Interior Room Dividers
Edible Dishes: Half-Baked Set of Flour-Based Place Settings